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Stags Lacrosse : Raves

What Parents say about Stags Lacrosse

-All from Parent Surveys-


"We loved the program- the kids had fun and got great coaching.....This was such an awesome opportunity for the boys. Thank you for creating the program that was much needed in the area!"

"Fantastic experience all the way around! We are grateful to finally have a Middleton-based lacrosse club with caring coaches, hardworking kids that make wonderful teammates and parents that are incredibly supportive whether we win or lose. Thank you for all you do to make the Stags such a great organization; we look forward to many more seasons!"

"My son had fun and loves lacrosse more than when he started. At 11 years old, that's all I care about. The coaches made everything fun and were positive at all times. Practice times were great & the tournament schedule and experience was fun."

"My son loved his coaches, their instruction to the game & the attitudes of the coaches. He had a great summer season and looks forward to the fall and summer tournament programs. Thank you for allowing the kids fun and competitive games."

"The coaches were great, they encouraged good sportsmanship and made sure that everyone got chances to play. Communication was also great and it made practices and tournaments easy to navigate! My son had a great time and looks forward to playing more with Stags!"

"Stags was the third summer program we have played in the last 3 years. It by far has been the most rewarding program for our son, but also for us parents. Everyone in our family has enjoyed this last year from the level of competition, communication from start to finish, great coaching, and being able to watch our son improve on a sport that he loves to play. Thank you very much for a great summer season!!!"

FALL 2019

"We really enjoyed our experience with Stags this year. The coaches were great. Thought the whole organization did a wonderful job. Looking forward to many more seasons!!"

"We are very pleased with my son's second season with Stags. He had fun, improved his skills and made new friends. We experienced the same great communication, coaching and commitment to players and families as in our first season. I was impressed by the coaches positive, calm and encouraging attitudes during competition and practices. My son liked how coaches gave everyone a fair chance and worked to make all the kids a better player. We can't wait to start a third season with Stags!"

"I love how you make every kid feel valuable and like they have a chance to be good. I'm also so appreciative that you plan for team outings (pumpkin patch). This is an excellent organization that we plan to be worth for a long time. Keep the focus to the kids and the politics aside, as you are today. If so, this will be an amazing thing for years to come."

"Stags Lacrosse has done an excellent job of building a program that is both competitive and affordable. The communication is excellent, the follow-through is perfect, and the facilities are great. Your organization should be proud of what it's done in its first year."

"First experience with club lacrosse and would have to say Stags defied all negative stereotypes associated with club sports. Coaching was fantastic/positive and playing time was fair. Setting parental expectations for interactions w coaching and referees was evident. Proud to be a part of this positive organization."

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